Where Can I Get Custom T-Shirts Manufactured?

Custom t-shirts are a fun way to promote a brand or create a new product line. With this asset, you can work with logo variations, produce something 100% unique, or experiment with different fashion styles.
Instead of using print-on-demand services or working with local screen printers, you could save money by going overseas for your products.
Where Are the Best Places for Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing?

If you have a custom t-shirt idea or need something to promote your business, several countries provide high-quality services, efficient processes, and consistent deliveries. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons of the different places you can go to fulfill your orders.


With the second-largest economy in the world, China is a natural starting point for custom t-shirt manufacturing.

Benefits of Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing in ChinaDisadvantages of Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing in China
Custom manufacturing services in China deliver a higher output with a quicker turnaround time. Large orders receive efficient processing with consistent and accurate deliveries.Finding the right factory for your custom t-shirt manufacturing requirements isn’t always easy. Choosing one over another when many sell the same service is challenging from far away.
The Chinese custom product manufacturing industry provides services at the local level that are often equal to or better than what is available domestically while keeping prices competitive.Some Chinese factories have a high minimum order requirement for each custom t-shirt, which can sometimes negate the cost benefits of using this approach for merchandise.
Superior duplication capabilities are available to replicate custom designs that become popular or have positive profit margins.Some orders may experience language barrier issues or communication breakdowns while processing orders.

Vietnam has emerged as a direct competitor in garments and textiles because of advantageous compensation plans, raw materials access, and several new free-trade agreements.

Benefits of Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing in VietnamDisadvantages of Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing in Vietnam
Wages in Vietnam are typically two times lower than in China, cutting labor costs for custom t-shirt manufacturing contracts.Factories in Vietnam must import materials and machines to finish some orders, which means more sub-vendor risk.
Fewer barriers to entry exist in the marketplace for companies that want to set up their own production line.Logistics and support infrastructure assets are still under construction.
More factories are typically willing to work with small- to medium-sized businesses.It can take a long time to obtain investment certificates or finalize contract negotiations at the local level.

With China’s zero-COVID policy, some custom t-shirt manufacturers don’t have personnel availability. That’s leading some companies to look at Thailand as an alternative.

Benefits of Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing in ThailandDisadvantages of Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing in Thailand
Thailand’s manufacturing facilities are experiencing steady growth across the custom apparel niche.Inconsistencies in shipping processes can occur for apparel orders, such as sending items by UPS instead of DHL as contracted.
The country offers simplified FDI policies that make it easier to maximize investments and receive incentives.It can take several months for companies to resolve insolvency or enforce contracts, and it often comes with a low recovery rate.
Abundant natural resources can lead to turnaround time benefits when compared to some countries.Indirect communication often occurs, creating different backchannels that sometimes conflict with each other.

Malaysia offers some unique benefits that other countries in the region cannot provide. Many workers hold a migrant status without an intent to return to their home nation, which gives the apparel manufacturing industry one of the lowest attrition rates.

Benefits of Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing in MalaysiaDisadvantages of Custom T-Shirt Manufacturing in Malaysia
Malaysian workers rank sixth in the world for the WEF’s current workforce skills.The government didn’t establish its first textile manufacturing hub in the country until 2019.
The country’s location along the Strait of Malacca offers faster access to export services, with the second-and third-busiest ports in Southeast Asia operating from there.  More raw materials need to be imported to fulfill orders, which can increase the shipping and logistics costs for some custom t-shirt requirements.
Custom t-shirt manufacturing costs don’t include a VAT (value-added tax) for orders placed.Labor shortages are more likely to happen in Malaysia than in other countries in Southeast Asia.

Finding the right factory for custom t-shirt manufacturing can take some time, but the process benefits companies of all sizes. When you can find a reliable provider that delivers consistent, high-quality goods on a predictable schedule, you can confidently operate your business.

For many companies, that means finding a provider in China to handle manufacturing responsibilities. If that option doesn’t work, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia provide potential alternatives. 

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