Labels, Hang Tags, Hardware & Packaging

At La Réponse Vient, you have the possibility to create your own customized clothing labels (main labels & care labels), tags,
packaging, hardware, and garment accessories to elevate your designs.

Brand Labels

Woven, Printed Labels : 1000 pieces

Size Labels : 500 pieces per size (minimum of 4 sizes)

Wash Care Labels : 1000 pieces​

Hang Tags

Tags : 2000 pieces (Various paper weights and finishes available)


Poly Packaging Bags : 5000 pieces

Non-Woven Shipping Bags : 1000 pieces

Poly Mailers : 5000 pieces

Boxes : 1000 pieces per size per colour


Engraved Zipper Pulls : 1000 pieces per zipper pull size

Engraved Metal Trims : 1000 pieces per size

Engraved Buttons : 500 pieces per button size

Customized Rubber Trims : 500 pieces per size

Customized Patches Trims : 500 pieces per size


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