How to Start a Clothing Line from Scratch

Clothing Line

As the 2020 pandemic recedes, many entrepreneurs are looking for ways to continue working from home. Creatives want to test the limits of their imagination while using their strengths to generate income.
Although almost anyone can start a clothing line from scratch, it takes some specific skills to launch a successful venture. You might need to know about sewing, draping, and pattern grading.
Once you have the skills to make apparel, that talent combines with marketing and branding to create the clothing line you want.
If you’re interested in starting a clothing line, here are the focus items to include in your efforts.

  • 1. Hone Your Skills

A clothing line needs to be fresh, vibrant, and relevant to impact today’s fashion marketplace. Although you can skip college to go right into the design, it still takes skill and talent to create a brand that connects with people.

It can take a long time for some designers to feel confident enough to fill a store or website with their clothing. Try to gain new experience daily and seek a mentor who can help you grow.

  • 2. Create a Business Plan

A clothing line is more than a hobby, even if you see it as one. There must be a business plan in place for you to follow.

This venture requires the same considerations as any other business.

  1. What costs are required to get everything started?
  2. Is the pursuit of capital for the startup worth the time and energy?
  3. Will outside help be needed for logistics?

If you don’t want to design clothing, it might be better to try dropshipping or wholesale buying to get involved in the industry.

  • 3. Find Your Niche

Although following fashion trends can help you get a foot in the door, the trendsetters are the businesses that find the most success in this industry. Look for ways to settle into a niche based on your strengths, talents, and sensibilities.

After finding what you’re good at doing, focus on those elements when starting a clothing line from scratch.

  • 4. Think About Brand

It’s crucial to distinguish “branding” vs. “brand” development. When you build a clothing line from scratch, the path starts when you put to paper your mission, vision, and values.

What do you want your company to stand for when interacting with others?

Create guidelines that help inform your decisions in this area as you grow. This information dictates everything from website design to visual direction. It should even show you the path to go when looking for retail partners.

  • 5. Develop Your Line

Sketchbooks are an essential investment for fashion designers. There might not be a better tool for you to use when starting a clothing line.

When you’re trying to tap into your creative side to generate ideas, these simple steps can help you continue the development process.

  1. Maintain Your Focus. When business tasks start getting in your development efforts, it’s time to hire someone or outsource those duties.
  2. Make Samples by Hand. This step ensures you enter a manufacturing relationship with an understanding of what the production steps entail. It gives you a better negotiating position when reviewing costs.
  3. Keep Doodling. When you doodle, you’re taking the first step toward a more refined design. Scribbles are your best friends.

As you develop your line, look for ways to source your fashion fabrics or design your own to set your brand apart.

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